7 reasons to buy

the "Axiom" Europlatform truck scales

1. What "Europlatform" is?

"Axiom" with Europlatform is a steel deck truck scale, based on modern orthotropic highway bridges building technology. "Vesta MK" Ltd. is the only Ukrainian developer (patent number 86179) and manufacturer of "Axiom" truck scales. Our "Axiom" Europlatform truck scales are mounted not only in Ukraine but also supplied to the CIS and the EU countries.

2. The reliability - pay once, use weights for 20 years

We know that in most cases, truck scales are not needed every day. However, there are days when you have to weigh 50 cars per hour. Therefore, we paid special attention to the reliability of the scales even at peak loads and harshes applications:

  • strong Europlatform deck due to peculiarities of its orthotropic design can withstand the load, which no other scale of different construction can handle;
  • orthotropic ribs Europlatform design eliminates the potential for rusting from the inside;
  • "Axiom" Europlatform and electronics have 200% overload capacity.

3. Better safe than sorry

We ensure the accuracy of our truck scales. " Axiom" truck scales conseruction based on metrological aspects of non-automatic weighing instruments EN 45501 and registered in the State registry of measurement instruments acceoted for usage in Ukraine under the number У3505-14. Within 5 years, all scales prodused by "Vesta MK" Ltd. pass annual inspections without further adjustment and suport services involvement.

4. A bargain is a bargain

We strictly follow our agreements and rasponsibilities concerning the product quality and terms, that specified in the contract.

The product's price never changes upwards and specified in the contract, which contains all the conditions. Thus, you receive European quality truck scales at a nice Ukrainian prise. In addition, the "Axiom" truck scales of standart models are available and can be shipped in few days.

5. The constancy - the same accuracy yesterday, today and tomorrow

In order to ensure "Axiom" truck scales accuracy:

  • we provide our scales by the distance impact on weigh indications protection;
  • to protect signal cables from rodents we hide it in platform body and in the metal hose;
  • all our truck scales eqipped with reliable load cells made by Zemic USA inc.This electronics will provide you trouble-free work even in the most extreme environments and harshest conditions.

6. Necessary accessories and advanced options

The "Axiom" truck scales are fitted with side limiters to prevent accidental car descent from weighbridge and equipped with battery for continuous work even during power outages. The "Axiom" Europlatform truck scales additionally can be completed by the metal ramps, protective panels in the center of the platform (the platform flooring will be solid) and digital electronics.

7. What else will I get?

  • The "Axiom" truck scales are collapsible, so it can be easily transported abroad or to the new setting place by usual truck;
  • Our company provides all the documents required for customs control passing and weight transportation abroad;
  • As a manufacturer, we are able to produce the weighbridge of any length and load capacity;
  • Europlatform weighbridge can be mounted on various types of foundation: road plates, solid foundation, etc.;
  • Our service phones work 7 days a week, we always respond our clients questions.

If you want to order our scales, call us:

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e-mail: vaga@vesta-ltd.com.ua

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